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Content filtering evaluates inbound email messages by assessing the probability that the messages are legitimate or spam. Unlike other filtering technologies, the content filtering uses characteristics from a statistically significant sample of legitimate messages and spam to make its determination.

Web content filtering policies specify which site categories are blocked on which device groups. To manage the policies, go to Settings > Rules > Web content filtering. Use the filter to locate policies that contain certain blocked categories or are applied to specific device groups. Create a policy. To add a new policy: Select Add policy on ...

1. Find your child or family member's name and tap on the Content filters card. 2. Tap on web and search > turn on Filter inappropriate websites. 3. Now mature websites will be blocked and searches will be filtered in Bing. This feature only works in Microsoft Edge, so other browsers will be blocked on your child or family member's device.

The Content Filter agent is one of several anti-spam agents in Exchange. When you configure anti-spam agents on an Exchange server, the agents act on messages cumulatively to reduce the amount of spam that enters the organization. For more information about how to plan and deploy anti-spam agents, see Anti-spam protection.