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To change the border or color of the controls inside a repeating data control at once, hold down the CTRL key, and select the text boxes that you want to change. Click the Control Tools Properties tab on the ribbon, click either Borders or Shading in the Color section of the tab, and then make the necessary adjustments.

The Data table control shows a dataset in a format that includes column headers for each field that the control shows. As an app maker, you have full control over which fields appear and in what order. Like the Gallery control, the Data table control maintains a Selected property that points to the selected row.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint device control protects against data loss, by monitoring and controlling media use by devices in your organization, such as the use of removable storage devices and USB drives. With the device control report, you can view events that relate to media usage, such as: Audit events: Shows the number of audit events ...

Azure operations can be divided into two categories - control plane and data plane. This article describes the differences between those two types of operations. You use the control plane to manage resources in your subscription. You use the data plane to use capabilities exposed by your instance of a resource type. You create a virtual machine ...