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Protect your sensitive data throughout its lifecycle by applying sensitivity labels linked to protection actions like encryption, access restrictions, visual markings, and more. Learn more Prevent data loss

In the Azure Storage documentation, data protection refers to strategies for protecting the storage account and data within it from being deleted or modified, or for restoring data after it has been deleted or modified.

Encrypt data to a file or stream using data protection. Create random entropy. Call the static Protect method while passing an array of bytes to encrypt, the entropy, and the data protection scope. Write the encrypted data to a file or stream. To decrypt data from a file or stream using data protection. Read the encrypted data from a file or ...

Enhance your security and privacy posture to comply with regulatory requirements such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Learn more. Information protection solutions. Azure Information Protection. Learn how Azure Information Protection helps you classify, label, and protect your data.