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Help prevent unauthorized access to application data with row-level security and dynamic data masking. Monitoring and insights. Detect threats and data breaches with SQL Server auditing and Windows Server anti-malware. Certified to meet the Common Criteria protection profile.

Detail: Enforce security policies across all devices that are used to consume data, regardless of the data location (cloud or on-premises). Protect data at rest Data encryption at rest is a mandatory step toward data privacy, compliance, and data sovereignty.

For more information about the technical aspects of security, see Security roles and privileges. Layers of security. When setting up security, there are four different layers of security you can set up in an app. App-level security. App-level security restricts access to the app. App-level security doesn't protect your data storage location.

Data sources. Security Center analyzes data from the following sources to provide visibility into your security state, identify vulnerabilities and recommend mitigations, and detect active threats: Azure services: Uses information about the configuration of Azure services you have deployed by communicating with that service’s resource provider.