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Device Health is a Windows service that provides health information about your devices. When you install this software, you are encouraged to adopt secure software usage practices. This makes sure that the certified ecommerce and online banking partners can provide better protection, based on the information that’s received from Device Health.

The Health report starts off by showing you the last time a Device Health scan was run. The time displayed should be basically the current time, as Windows Security tries to run a Device Health scan when you open the Device performance & health page.. Beyond the time of last scan you'll see the status of the key areas that Device Health monitors:

The device health token is encrypted and signed, that means that the information is protected and only accessible to issuing health attestation service. The client stores the health encrypted blob in its local store. The device health token contains device health status, a device ID (the Windows AIK), and the boot counter.

Device attributes. The report is made up of cards that display the following device attributes: Health state: shows information about the sensor state on devices, providing an aggregated view of devices that are active, experiencing impaired communications, inactive, or where no sensor data is seen.