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Ease of Access options can help make it easier to: Use your PC without a display. Narrator lets you hear audio descriptions for elements on the screen, like text and buttons. See what's on the screen. Make the content on your screen bigger using Magnifier, or use high contrast mode. Use your keyboard.

I am making use of the EASE OF ACCESS--DISPLAY SETTINGS--MAKE TEXT BIGGER feature (win 10 v 1809). Until last week, it did not affect Skype for Business at all. Now, however, if I increase the text size, S4B is essentially unusable. In addition to what Matt describes, I cannot even see the REPLY button on an incoming IM.

Ease of access; Answer RF. Ryan Fra Replied on January 9, 2018. Microsoft Agent | Moderator In reply to Lara13's post on January 7, 2018 Hi Lara, Thank you for sending the screenshot of the Caps lock indicator. We would like to know what is the brand of your computer, since different computer manufacturer may have different ways to disable Caps ...

The jumps to the Display, Taskbar and navigation and ease of access settings app pages are not on the Theme settings app page but these pages are all still there. The 15031 display and ease of access pages do more than their equivalents in 1607 and there has been no loss of functionality between the two taskbar settings pages.

ok, go to settings -> ease of access. in narrator set narrator to Off and start Narrator automatically to Off. don't worry about the rest. in magnifier set Enable magnifier to Off. untick all boxes. in high contrast, under choose a theme, select none. in closed captions, scroll down to the restore defaults button.