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The Feedback Hub app lets you tell Microsoft about any problems you run in to while using Windows 10 and send suggestions to help us improve your Windows experience. Sending a suggestion or reporting a problem can be as easy as finding feedback similar to yours and upvoting it. However, if there isn’t feedback like yours, then go ahead and ...

If you experience problems with Visual Studio—such as crashes, sluggish performance, or unexpected behavior—let us know by using the Report a Problem tool. In Visual Studio, choose the feedback icon next to the search box, or choose Help > Send Feedback > Report a Problem from the menu bar.. Next, Visual Studio opens the Developer Community interface, where you can sign in to report the ...

To see whether someone else has given similar feedback, enter a few keywords about the topic in the Feedback search box.. If you find similar feedback, select it, add any additional information that you have in the Write a comment box, and then select Upvote.. If you don't find any similar feedback, select Add new feedback.. In Summarize your feedback, enter a short summary of your feedback.

Help us make Windows better! Provide feedback about Windows and apps by sharing your suggestions or problems. If you want to be even more involved, then join the Windows Insider program and keep up with the latest alerts and announcements, rate the builds, participate in feedback Quests, and earn badges. People also like. Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

We need your feedback to help us deliver great products. You can give feedback in a few different ways. New feature ideas. UserVoice is the official suggestion box for Microsoft Office. Click the link for the product you wish to leave feedback for below, then search to see if somebody else has already offered that feedback.