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In the Summarize your feedback box, provide a concise but clear title for your problem or suggestion.. In the Explain in more detail (optional) box, you can give us more specific information, like how you encountered the problem.. Select Next.. Select whether this is a Problem or a Suggestion.. Based on the information you provided in Summarize your feedback, we will attempt to fill in the ...

Your feedback matters to Microsoft. We’re always striving to better serve our customers and partners. You can directly influence change at Microsoft by participating in our largest global satisfaction study.

Report on Windows 10. (1) Press the Start button , choose Feedback Hub from the list of apps, or type feedback in the box and then select Feedback Hub. In Home, choose Report a problem. Fill out the Summarize your feedback and Explain in more detail (optional) sections. The best way to do this is to answer these questions:

You can give feedback directly within the app by going to the backstage view (the view you see when you first open the app that lets you open a file or create a new one), tapping your username at the top right, and selecting Settings.Once you're in the settings window, scroll down towards the bottom and select Send Feedback.