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Get straight to a quick list of steps to accomplish the task. If you need to explain a concept, or they have to do pre-requisite steps, add a quick summary below the step where they need it, and link to the concept or steps. Keep procedures short - preferably 5 or fewer steps, no more than 8. Use Ui style for user interface elements or for text ...

In the Money in Excel pane, select Get started. Then select Sign in and follow prompts to sign in with your Microsoft account and grant permissions. Your privacy, security, and peace of mind are important to us. That’s why you're asked to sign in again, so we can verify that it's you. is the best place to start, whether it's the start of the day or you're getting back to your work. At you can: Launch an app, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Microsoft Teams. Get back to your work with the Documents section. You can get to the files you worked on recently, files you've Pinned, or files shared with you.

Power Pivot provides advanced data modeling features in Microsoft Excel. Use the resources below to learn about how you can use Power Pivot to help you gain new insights into your data. Get started. Learn more about data analysis tools in Excel. Power Pivot: Powerful data analysis and data modeling in Excel. Start the Power Pivot add-in