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OneNote for Windows 10 has built-in handwriting recognition that can convert your handwritten notes to typed text. You can also use this feature to convert handwritten ink in your notes to math equations — either for solving math problems or to more uniformly format the equations before you share them with others.

The handwriting view is located above the underlying text control and sized to accommodate the user's handwriting preferences (see Settings -> Devices -> Pen & Windows Ink -> Handwriting -> Size of font when writing directly into text field). The view is also automatically aligned relative to the text control and its location within the app.

Convert handwriting to text. OneNote includes a handy conversion tool so you can change handwritten text into typed text. This is useful if you want to share your handwritten notes in a more legible format with other people. To convert handwriting to text, do the following: On the Draw tab, choose the Lasso Select button.

Handwriting Practice utilities your touch screen, along with speech services and iconography to engage children and adults no matter their writing level. Every practice is logged as history as positive reinforcement of progress. Complete with a free trial, try Handwriting Practice today.

12 fonts created from real handwriting to produce documents that look and feel as if they had been written manually. 8 of these fonts are everyday script taken from real contemporary handwriting, perfect for memos, envelopes, letters, etc. 4 fonts represent the best in English round copperplate quill writing, taken from a calligrapher work, great for formal text such as invitations, postcards ...