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Setting up location sharing is a two-step process. Step 1: Make sure device permissions are allowed. Each device will be slightly different based on the make and model. Look for these device-level settings under general location and battery settings, or in your device settings under the Family Safety app.

In general, location sharing refers to the act of sharing where you are. More recently, this term has started to refer to location sharing apps in particular. These apps let you and your family members find one another on real-time maps. They use the internet to pinpoint your locations.

Sharing your location information is your choice. Your location information is yours and will not be sold or traded. Teams allows you to share your location in each individual 1:1 or Group, which you can stop doing at any time.

Share your location, or any location of your choice, via SMS, email, or by copying the link. They can open the location themselves using the included link, even if they use another platform. The application also has a Live Tile showing your recent locations, and you can pin any additional locations right onto your Start Screen.