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As we’ve reported, Microsoft’s Seeing AI is an app designed to help people with low vision or who are blind. It enhances the world around the user with rich audio descriptions. It can read a handwritten note or scan a barcode and then tell the user what the product is. Point a camera at something and the app will describe how many people it ...

This guide describes the most popular accessibility features of Windows and Microsoft Office. It also covers assistive technology products for Windows and Microsoft Office that are designed for people who are blind or low vision. For a more complete overview d ownload the full guide.. If you have questions related to accessibility, contact the Microsoft Disability Answer Desk.

Computer vision, Graphics and multimedia, Human-computer interaction, Social sciences Designing computer vision algorithms to describe the visual world to people who are blind or low vision webinar. March 11, 2020

Image descriptions are vital to making digital content fully accessible to people who are blind or have low vision. However, as past research has shown, content authors often leave out these descriptions—also known as “alternative text” or “alt text”—for images on the web and on social media, making AI-based vision-to-language services that automatically generate image descriptions ...

The light version of Outlook Web App is optimized to support users who are blind or who have low vision. Additionally, it supports older web browsers. For more info about the light version of Outlook Web App, see Outlook Web App Light. For more info about accessibility features in Office 365, see Accessibility in Office 365.