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Microsoft Defender Antivirus and Windows Firewall are on your device to help protect it from viruses and other malicious software. But if you think they've missed something run Microsoft Defender Offline which can sometimes detect malware that others scanners missed. Get help from Microsoft

How to remove malware such as a virus, spyware, or rogue security software Removing a computer virus or spyware can be difficult without the help of malicious software removal tools. Some computer viruses and other unwanted software reinstall themselves after the viruses and spyware are detected and removed.

Other malware. Some types of malware can download other threats to your PC. Once these threats are installed on your PC they will continue to download more threats. The best protection from malware and potentially unwanted software is an up-to-date, real-time security product, such as Microsoft Defender Antivirus for Windows 10 and Windows 8.1.

The malware is designed to inject ads into search engine results pages. The threat affects multiple browsers— Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Yandex Browser, and Mozilla Firefox— exposing the attackers’ intent to reach as many Internet users as possible. We call this family of browser modifiers Adrozek.