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In the search box on your task bar, search for Mouse, and select it from the list.; Once you're in Mouse settings, select Additional mouse options from the links on the right side of the page.; In Mouse Properties, on the Pointer Options tab, at the bottom, select Show location of pointer when I press the CTRL key, and then select OK.; To see it in action, press CTRL.

mouse-pointer-disappeared.png 7. Choose Update driver with arrow keys and hit Enter. 8. Follow the on-screen installation instructions to finish the updates and then check whether the lost cursor or mouse not working issue persists on your Windows 10 laptop or desktop PC.

Mouse and Pointers. 02/27/2020; 20 minutes to read; In this article. The mouse is the primary input device used to interact with objects in Windows. Mouse functionality can also encompass other pointing devices, such as trackballs, touchpads and pointing sticks built into notebook computers, pens used with Windows Tablet and Touch Technology, and, on computers with touchscreens, even a user's ...

Explains that the window class identifies several characteristics of the windows that are based on the window class including the default mouse pointer. Describes three methods for changing the mouse pointer for a window in MFC by using Visual C++.

I had that as well and realized that there was another faint image of the mouse pointer stuck at the top of my other monitor (as if attempting to break through into the monitor where the mouse was behaving crazy). Just "undocking" my laptop and "re-docking" it immediately resolved the issue.