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I want to make handwritten notes on PDF files using my Surface Pro 3. The OneNote program is buggy and I cannot write on PDFs using that program. On my iPad, I use NotesPlus and it works fine. But I don't want to use the ipad -- I want to use my Surface Pro 3. Just answer the question directly -- tell us in simple English whether you can make ...

By employing the right note taking habits, we can capture our best ideas while also boosting retention, creativity, and collaboration. The Innovator’s Guide to Modern Note Taking will show you how modern note taking enables the seamless capturing, organizing, and sharing of notes using a natural approach on a digital medium.

Natural note taking for the modern worker. We have more options for note taking today than ever before – stickies, notebooks, voice memos – but increased options doesn’t automatically lead to greater innovations.

Search – find handwritten ink and text across all notes in your library, including in your diagrams. Export — Decide where to take your notes next: Export pages as Word (.docx), text or HTML. Sync — Sync your notes with Google Drive or Dropbox. Requires a free MyScript account. Publish - Share your notes with others through the Nebo website.

This is the best note-taking app I've ever used. My main concern was syncing between devices. OneNote was very slow, heavy, and would occasionally run into nearly unrecoverable sync errors. Evernote was similarly too heavy. This does what it is meant to do: take notes.