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Sticky Notes crashed and closed out of the note that I was taking on it. I found said note in the "Notes List" but can't seem to figure out how to open it. Clicking on it does nothing. Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab don't do anything either. Right clicking just shows "Close" and "Delete". Double clicking does nothing. I've tried everything I can ...

Sticky Notes List View Not Working I am unable to access the list view for Sticky Notes after opening the application. I need to do this in order to have access to the information within the notes that I have saved.

Sticky Note "Notes List" I opened up my computer after a recent software update and now the sticky note "notes list" is a blank, white, note. I have rebooted my computer multiple times.

1.Initialize Sticky Notes from its source folder C:\Windows\System32\StikyNot.exe. If you can open Sticky Notes from its source folder, the issue is due to corrupted shortcut icon. If it is the case, you may delete sticky shortcut icon and create a new one from the source folder and pin it to the Start menu.

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