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Create rules Right-click a message and select Create rule. Choose the folder where you want all messages from that sender or set of senders to be moved, and then select OK. The rule will be applied to all incoming messages.

Organize your inbox with Archive, Sweep, and other tools in Clean up your inbox and keep your email organized with automatic filtering and sorting, and by using tools on the command bar like Sweep, Archive, and Move to. You can also organize your email using inbox rules.

Create folders to organize emails, move messages, and add folders to your Favorites folder for easy access. Create a folder. Right-click Inbox and select New Folder. Type a name for the folder and press Enter. Move messages into a folder. Select an email message. Drag and drop it into a folder.

Organize email with Outlook on the web. Prioritize messages with Focused Inbox. Focused Inbox sorts your email into two tabs: Focused for messages you’re most likely to read, and Other for the rest. To turn on Focused Inbox: Select Settings > Focused Inbox. To move a message from one tab to the other: