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Surface Pen delivers a natural writing and drawing experience, with ink that flows out in real time with virtually no lag or latency. Tilt support lets you shade your sketches just like you would with a graphite pencil. 1 Surface Pen also delivers exceptional artistic precision with 4,096 pressure points that respond to the lightest touch.

This pen is great in overall use and functionality but after spending $100 on pen to ultimately be a paper weight is a waste of money. To put it in perspective, I would not buy something for $100 just to last for a month especially coming from a tech giant like Microsoft.

Pen input refers to the way Windows lets you interact directly with a computer using a pen. A pen can be used for pointing and also for gestures, simple text entry, and capturing free-form thoughts in digital ink. The pen used for input has a fine, smooth tip that supports precise pointing, writing, or drawing in ink.

If you're not sure which pen you have, use this page to help you identify it. Once you identify your pen, find your Surface model to see what features are available. For info on how to use your pen, go to How to use your Surface Pen.

It is the latest surface pen, the pen with no clip. Earlier, when it refused to pair, the pen did not even ink on any inking app, and none of the buttons were working either. I am not marking this as the answer as my issue got resolved out of chance and want this issue to be looked into further. What should I do if the problem returns?