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A theme is a combination of pictures, colors, and sounds for personalizing your PC. The latest versions of Windows include many exciting desktop personalization features, such as panoramic themes that extend across two side-by-side monitors, and the ability to have your theme appear on your Start screen.

DeployDesktopImage. Deploy a jpg, jpeg or png image to the device to be used as desktop image. If you have a local file and want to embed it into the package being deployed, you configure this setting and DesktopImageUrl.. When using DeployDesktopImage and [DeployLockScreenImageFile](#deploylockscreenimage, the file names need to be different. ...

Yes. Personalizer learns in the background, in real time, via apprentice mode. When the service has learned enough from users' actions to approximate your existing personalization system, you can use Personalizer in production with confidence to let it learn by interacting with your users and support a positive user experience.

Restricted personalization access (formerly implicit personalizations) At the restricted personalization access level, user actions that are associated with typical page usage are automatically saved by the app and restored the next time that you visit the page. No explicit save action is required. Here is a list of the actions that fall under typical page usage and are covered by restricted ...

Let users personalize visuals in a report. 08/12/2020; 5 minutes to read; In this article. APPLIES TO: Power BI Desktop Power BI service When you share a report with a broad audience, some of your users may want to see slightly different views of particular visuals.