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On the Start menu, select Settings > Privacy. You'll see a list of general privacy options. There are links to specific privacy settings on the left of the page. For more info, see Windows 10 and privacy.

Microsoft allows you to control your account your way with customizable privacy settings. Manage your Xbox, Windows, and other privacy settings on this page. To use everything on this website, turn on cookies in your browser settings. Read why and how we use cookies. ...

Windows 10 provides the following privacy settings to give you control over your privacy. Advertising ID. Windows generates a unique advertising ID for each user on a device, which app developers and advertising networks can then use for their own purposes, including providing more relevant advertising in apps.

To access Office privacy settings, open any Office application, select Account, and under Account Privacy select the Manage Settings button. This will open the Account Privacy settings dialog box where you can select your privacy options.