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Microsoft Active Protections Program. The Microsoft Active Protections Program (MAPP) is a program for security software providers that gives them early access to vulnerability information so that they can provide updated protections to customers faster. Members of MAPP receive security vulnerability information from the Microsoft Security ...

MAPP, which stands for the Microsoft Active Protections Program, is run by the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC). The program gives partnering security software providers early access to security vulnerability information in advance of Microsoft’s monthly security update.

Admins can learn about the application order of protections in Exchange Online Protection (EOP), and how the priority value in protection policies determines which policy is applied.

In this article. Implement Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) to help you discover, classify, and protect sensitive information wherever it lives or travels. MIP capabilities are included with Microsoft 365 Compliance and give you the tools to know your data, protect your data, and prevent data loss. For information about governing your ...

Encryption technologies available in Government cloud community environments. Microsoft follows a control and compliance framework that focuses on risks to the Microsoft 365 service and to customer data. Microsoft implements a large set of technology and process-based methods (referred to as controls) to mitigate these risks.