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On the Remote tab, select the Allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer check box, and then select OK. In the search box on the taskbar, type remote assistance again and select Invite someone to connect to your PC and help you, or offer to help someone else.

Share your real-time view with experts in remote locations to get the help you need and stay hands-free. Bring critical information into view. Pull in work order information from Dynamics 365 for Field Service and schematics and diagrams from familiar applications.

In Remote Desktop Connection, type the name of the PC you want to connect to (from Step 1), and then select Connect. On your Windows, Android, or iOS device: Open the Remote Desktop app (available for free from Microsoft Store, Google Play, and the Mac App Store), and add the name of the PC that you want to connect to (from Step 1). Select the ...

Respond to a remote assistance request. When a user submits a remote assistance request, you can view it in the Alerts workspace, under Monitoring > Remote Assistance. For example: If a request goes unanswered for more than 4 hours, it is removed. 2. To accept the request, choose Approve request and launch Remote Assistance. 3.

Remote Assistance. 01/11/2019; 2 minutes to read; In this article. Overview of the Remote Assistance technology. To develop Remote Assistance, you need these headers: rendezvoussession.h; For programming guidance for this technology, see: Remote Assistance; Enumerations