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Is there an equivalent to a Right-Click on the Surface using only touch? One of the functions I would like do is be able to pin a folder to the Start Screen in Desktop mode, and don't know how to accomplish this without a right-click. If there's another way please let me know, but I would still like to know about a touch alternative that give ...

When you right click on a folder or a shortcut in the Start Menu, the context menu does not appear. CAUSE. It happens if dragging and dropping is not enabled. RESOLUTION. Open Start menu properties and enable dragging and dropping.

The right-click button doesn’t always work in Tablet Mode, so switching it off if it happens to be enabled might do the trick. press the Win key + A Open the Action Center Click to switch Tablet Mode off. • Restart Windows File Explorer If the right click can't work on files, restarting Explorer with the Task Manager might do the trick.

Right Click Enhancer is a Extension for Microsoft Edge that adds handy features to the context menu. Have you ever just needed to open an image in a new tab? Or ever seen a URL in a post and want to open it without copy and pasting? Or wanted to save an in while in InPrivate mode without it being converted and renamed?

i am having a problem with not being able to right click on my desktop to open a new folder? i right click , then point my mouse to new and it just dissapears? help please as this is very very annoying.started around 1st of November. i really dont want to mess with registry etc. thanks

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