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If safety tips do show up on in your inbox, you can use the following examples to learn more about each type of safety tip. Suspicious mail (red safety tip). A red safety tip in an email means that the message you received contains something suspicious, such as a phishing scam.

Resources. Top tips for online safety PowerPoint. Stay alert to online grooming. Detecting online grooming. Responding to online bullying and harassment. Teach kids to identify misinformation and hate speech. Protecting "tweens" and teens online. Let's get real about sexting.

Online safety tips. Parents and policy makers can help young adults pay attention to their online reputation and take steps to ensure a positive persona – personally and professionally. Follow the Council for Digital Good. This program offers teens a platform to share their views on online safety topics that affect them. Members work with ...

Device safety includes your networking devices, too. As with computing devices, make sure that you check for and apply all updates for your networking devices. Many devices use default passwords, which means attackers have an easy list to try.