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For instructions on other saving options, go to Use a screen reader to save a document in Word.. Read a document. To use the text reading commands, the focus must be in the document body area. To read all text from the cursor location to the end, press the SR key+Ctrl+R.

The screen reader focus stays on the button you just selected, so to keep changing the slides just press Return. Zoom in to shared content. Note: To use the zoom shortcuts, you need to have the Use keyboard shortcuts to zoom option selected in the Accessibility preferences.

Use a screen reader to move tasks between or within lists in To Do. Use a screen reader to add steps and set importance to a task in To Do. Use a screen reader to show flagged emails as tasks in To Do. Use a screen reader to work with suggestions in To Do. Set …

Notes: New Microsoft 365 features are released gradually to Microsoft 365 subscribers, so your app might not have these features yet. To learn how you can get new features faster, join the Office Insider program. To learn more about screen readers, go to How screen readers work with Microsoft Office.. When you use OneDrive, we recommend that you use Internet Explorer as your browser.

Navigate and read threaded conversations. Unlike private chats, conversations in channels are threaded. This means that all replies are contained to each individual post instead of the free-flowing conversation style in the Chat view.. If the conversation you're in is a threaded conversation, the screen reader …