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For instructions on other saving options, go to Use a screen reader to save a document in Word.. Read a document. To use the text reading commands, the focus must be in the document body area. To read all text from the cursor location to the end, press the SR key+Ctrl+R.

To explore the text of a document, swipe right or left until you hear the screen reader announce the currently open page, followed by "content." Swipe up or down to change the screen reader navigation mode, such as headings, paragraphs, lines, or words, and swipe right or left to navigate. See also. Use a screen reader to insert and change text ...

Use your keyboard and a screen reader to accept or decline meeting invitations, and to join meetings in Microsoft Teams for Windows. We have tested it with JAWS and NVDA, but it might work with other screen readers as long as they follow common accessibility standards and techniques.

The immersive reader in Microsoft Edge provides a cleaner, simpler layout with fewer distractions. Change the theme and text size to what's most comfortable for you. In Microsoft Edge, navigate to the page that you want to read. Select Enter immersive reader on the address bar (it’s only available on some webpages).

The screen reader focus stays on the button you just selected, so to keep changing the slides just press Return. Zoom in to shared content. Note: To use the zoom shortcuts, you need to have the Use keyboard shortcuts to zoom option selected in the Accessibility preferences.