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Users who have access to the Personalization page can also import personal or template views by using the Import views button on the Action Pane. Personalizing inventory dimensions. When you personalize the setup of inventory dimensions on a page, consider the settings that have been created by using the Display dimension option. For example ...

I just finish installing my windows 10 and I'm trying to go to display settings/personalize my desktop by right clicking the main screen and got this message: ... I have the same problem with DISPLAY and PERSONALIZATION-BACKGROUND settings. Upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Ran smoothly for a couple of days and then this problem popped up.

Control and manage users' personalization by disabling the ability to personalize pages and clearing any page personalization. All users in a specific company. ... Set up Cues that appear on users' Role Centers to include an indicator that changes color based on the values in the Cues.

Win10 does not recognize my images for desktop background So I open "Personalize," get into setting up rotating desktop backgrounds, and discover that Win10 does not recognize any of the images I have been using in Win7 and 8 for years. ... They are viewable just fine outside the Personalization setup, in the Photos app, for example. What's the ...

A theme is a combination of pictures, colors, and sounds for personalizing your PC. The latest versions of Windows include many exciting desktop personalization features, such as panoramic themes that extend across two side-by-side monitors, and the ability to have your theme appear on your Start screen.