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Aero Shake is one of the many features introduced with Windows 7 and continues to be part of Windows 10 as well. The feature enables you to quickly minimize all open windows except the currently active window by shaking the currently active window or using Windows logo + Home keyboard shortcut. Enable or disable Aero Shake via Settings

The thing is, for some reason, the window I shake twice (first to minimize all other windows, second to bring them back) is getting "Always of Top". If I do it with a second window, the second window gets privileges over the first, but both kept Always on Top of everything else. This is annoying me.

I'm having trouble with the Shake feature in Windows 7. When I'm moving a document, the computer decides I'm shaking it and maximizes it. Before I totally disable the Shake feature, is there a setting

Disable Aero Shake I've been trying to disable the feature where if you click and shake a window it will minimize all other windows on the desktop because this feature is constantly being activated by accident.