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Spoofing is a common technique that's used by attackers. Spoofed messages appear to originate from someone or somewhere other than the actual source. This technique is often used in phishing campaigns that are designed to obtain user credentials.

As a result, no anti-spoofing action was taken on the message. View detailed information about suspicious and nonsuspicious domains. On the Spoof intelligence insight, click Suspicious domains or Non-suspicious domains to go to the Spoof intelligence insight page. The Spoof Intelligence insight page contains the following information:

Anti-spoofing protection considers both SPF hard fails and a much wider set of criteria. If you have anti-spoofing enabled and the SPF record: hard fail ( MarkAsSpamSpfRecordHardFail) turned on, you will probably get more false positives. We recommend that you disable this feature as it provides almost no additional benefit for detecting spam ...

Email spoofing Hello, i got a query about email spoofing. I run small business and my client email has been spoofed which resulted into loosing a lot of money. I have spoken to my mail box provider and was able to check my account with them for all IP addresses that were used to access my account and it was confirmed that there is no unusual ...