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When you start typing in the To, Cc, and Bcc fields in Outlook, you'll see suggestions appear based on what you've entered.These suggestions are broken into two categories: Recent People and Other Suggestions.The names and addresses that appear in Recent People are stored in the Auto-Complete List.. The names and addresses that appear in Other Suggestions are generated within the Microsoft 365 ...

Enable text suggestions for inclusive classrooms. Empower students to articulate their thoughts by enabling text suggestions on their device. As students type, suggestions appear above their cursor to help them complete challenging words and continue working.

You can also use suggestions to pick tasks to add to My Day. To see suggested tasks, select the suggestions icon at the top of the My Day list. The My Day smart list resets every night, so you have a blank slate to add the tasks you want to accomplish each day.

Turn search suggestions off or on How to show or hide the suggestions that appear under the search box. As you start typing a search, the search suggestions pane automatically shows you suggestions based on what you've entered. Turn off search suggestions. On the Settings page, under Search, clear the See search suggestions as you type check box.