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Maybe the task view option would have been disabled. a: Right click on the taskbar. b: Now click the option Show task view button. Do get back to us for any issues pertaining to Windows in the future. We will be happy to help.

Hi Ross. Thanks for trying - and trying so very quickly! After I got my screen back, I did look at 'Tablet Mode' as you suggested and it was off. Maybe it reset itself when the 'task view' reset itself. I've no way I wanna check that. I am NOT going back into 'task view' to see it that was the problem.

I bring up the Task View & then right click on what I want to get rid of.I get 2 choices: 1-Remove 2_ Clear everything from earier today (or the date of the thing I want cleared). BUT, somethings will not disapperar.

Task view button not working Within the last few weeks my task view button has stopped working on my pc, it no longer shows opened windows or enables me to open another desktop. I'm not exactly sure when it stopped working as I have access to other devices such as tablet so I don't use the pc as often as I used to.