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Change your status in Teams: Tap your profile picture or the More icon. Tap your current status and select what you want to update to: Click your profile picture towards the top. Click Set status message. Type your status message. You can choose to @mention people specifically, choose to Show when people message me, and if you want it to Clear ...

The Latest Security Update Status and Previous Security Update Status tiles are stacked to form one blade. The Latest Security Update Status provides a visualization of the different deployment states devices are in regarding the latest update for each build (or version) of Windows 10, along with the revision of that update.

To change your status, tap Menu .Then, tap your status to view your options. Here’s more detail about each kind of status that you change: Available is when you’re active in Teams and don’t have anything in your calendar (no meetings or calls, for example). Note that Teams will automatically set your status from Available to Away when the Teams app is in the background.

Current status of Windows 10, version 1809, Windows Server, version 1809, and Windows Server 2019. Windows 10, version 1809 rollout status as of March 28, 2019. Available for any user who manually selects “Check for updates” via Windows Update. Designated for broad deployment and Semi-Annual Channel for servicing status (recommended option).