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Type "Video Editor" into the start menu and select the Video Editor tile to launch the Video Projects pivot directly. Launch the Photos app and select the "Video Projects" pivot (see red arrow in image above--right below the Search bar) You can then continue to edit your projects to your heart's content! If you need to access your video project ...

I have used video projects before and added multiple tracks with no issues using 'custom audio'. This no longer works! I can add one song using 'background music'. I can import the songs into 'custom audio' into the 'edit narrative' panel but can't get them to import into the project like they use to. It is very frustrating. Any ideas?

Hi all, I have made a picture-video in Windows 10; adding music and text, etc. I saved the back-up (.vpb file) but I now cannot open the project to render it out, now that I have time to work on it.

Then, with the video project open, select See more > Back up project. This will create a .vpb file that can be saved anywhere you store your files. To open the .vpb file on another device, just select See more > Import backup on the Video Projects page next to the New video project button.

Re: Exporting to video takes FOREVER! I've got an i5 7400 and a GTX 1080 GPU, it's taken 20 minutes to reach about 95% on a video a little under a minute long. Thing is the CPU usage isn't going above 30% and GPU usage barely reaches 10%, which is probably from Chrome anyway.