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If you need to access your video project on another device, just select "Save in OneDrive" on the top of your video project, and the video project will be roamed to the cloud. Just log into the second device with the same Microsoft account you logged in with on the first device, and your project will automatically appear on the Video Projects ...

Then, with the video project open, select See more > Back up project. This will create a .vpb file that can be saved anywhere you store your files. To open the .vpb file on another device, just select See more > Import backup on the Video Projects page next to the New video project button.

To create a new video that you can edit from start to finish. Type video editor into the Search bar and select Video Editor to launch the app, or launch from the Start menu.; Select New video project.; Name your video. Select the photos and videos you want to add to your Storyboard.You can even use Add from web to find content on Bing.; Once you have organized your Storyboard, you can change ...

And making a video project out of photos saves the project in a file type for the program you are using until you actually create the video. This is so when you have an incomplete project, you can save the project and come back later to finish it and then rip it into a video.

I was working on a video project on the photo app on my computer. It was erased from the one drive. All of the music and layout for the video is there, but the actual pictures and video clips are gone. The sequence of the storyboard remains but each file cannot be found.