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Set up Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop) in minutes to enable secure remote work. Provide the familiarity and compatibility of Windows 10 with the new scalable multi-session experience for your end users and save costs by using existing eligible Windows licenses.

Windows Virtual Desktop is a desktop and app virtualization service that runs on the cloud. Here's what you can do when you run Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure: Set up a multi-session Windows 10 deployment that delivers a full Windows 10 with scalability. Virtualize Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise and optimize it to run in multi-user virtual ...

What's new in this version. Version 1.0.0 + [NEW] Keyboard shortcuts to fast switch among virtual desktops CTRL+SHIFT+1..9 + [NEW] Mouse shortcuts to fast switch among virtual desktops using mouse wheel + [NEW] System notification icon shortcuts to switch virtual desktop shortcuts while indicating the current virtual desktop + [NEW] Toggle switches for different shortcuts

WS Virtual Desktop Tool. GET THE FREE TRIAL FOR UP TO 7 DAYS! WS Virtual Desktop Tool is our utility that improves upon the Windows 10 Virtual Desktop feature. Its menu is accessible through the Windows System Tray (the area left to the clock) and gives a compact overview of your open application windows. The shortcut for this menu is WIN+ESC.