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Unit Converter is a Windows application in Metro style that helps you to easily convert common units of volume, temperature, weight, time and length into one another.

Supported units are: - Temperature - Mass - Volume - Length - Speed - Area - Time - Angle - Force - Pressure - Fuel Consumption - Digital Storage - Energy - Currency - Flow - Power - Torque Features: - No ads! - US, Imperial (UK), and Metric conversions - On-the-fly conversions - Easy to use User Interface Version 1.5 - Added Torque conversions ...

Unit Convertions of Angle,Area,Density,Energy,Force,Len,Pow,Press,Speed,Temp,Time,Vol Unit conversions of * angle measurements like degrees, radians, circles, turns * area measurements like square meters, square feet, acres * bits, bytes, kilobytes, gigabytes * density measurements like kilogram / cubic meter, milligram / liter, pounds / cubic inch * electric current measurements like ampere ...

Use the following steps to set up a conversion for units of measure. Click Retail essentials > Inventory management > Setup > Units > Unit conversions. In the Unit conversions form, click New to create a new conversion rule. To modify an existing conversion, select it in the list.