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If you get an unusual notice that your browser needs to be updated, close the suspicious update message and go to the settings menu for your browser. Look for a Help > About page; on all major browsers going to that page will cause the browser to check for legitimate updates. One type of malware that is common today is called “Ransomware.”

Never click any links or attachments in suspicious emails. If you receive a suspicious message from an organization and worry the message could be legitimate, go to your web browser and open a new tab. Then go to the organization's website from your own saved favorite, or via a web search.

Microsoft Edge Locked Browser Scam I was in edge tonight; and my computer starts sounding an alarm, crazy stuff running all over my screen saying to call Microsoft right away. I knew it was probably a scam...I could not close my browser..or get out of anything.

Browser pop-up scam I recently visited a website that now causes my microsoft edge browser to take me to a website that gives me a pop-up saying i have a virus. I already scanned my computer with an anti virus, and i dont have one. this pop-up only appears on microsoft edge.