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Web search with quick answers in Windows 10 is available in these regions and is optimized for these languages: In regions not listed above, you can type in the taskbar to start a web search, then press Enter or select a result to open it in Microsoft Edge. If desired, you can change your region in Settings > Time & Language > Region; however ...

Bing Web Search API provides answers to computational and unit conversion queries. Bing Web Search API provides answers to commonly asked time-related queries like "What time is it in Seattle?". Bing Web Search API provides a list of related searches made by others, which can help end users refine their online search.

Bing Web Search API may only be used as a result of a direct user query or search, or as a result of an action within an app or experience that logically can be interpreted as a user’s search request. For illustration purposes, the following are some examples of acceptable search or search-like experiences.

The Web Search API lets you send a search query to Bing and get back search results that include links to webpages, images, and more. This section provides technical details about the query parameters and headers that you use to request web search results and the JSON response objects that contain them.

Bing Web Search samples. 07/15/2020; 2 minutes to read; s; In this article. Use the Bing Web Search samples to learn how to add search capabilities to your application or service using a number of programming languages. The samples, prerequisites, and build instructions are provided on GitHub. Samples using native HTTP GET requests