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A new Windows experience is coming! Many of these devices will be able to upgrade to Windows 11. To take advantage of all the features in Windows 11, some accessories, like a webcam, may need to be purchased separately (see system requirements).Make sure to check out all specifications to see if the device you’re interested in is fully compatible.

Shop Windows 10 Pro Business Devices. Windows 10 Pro powers the world’s largest selection of business computers, laptops and desktops, from leading manufacturers that can meet the most exacting standards of performance, security, design, and experiences.

Here's how you can add a device to your Microsoft account: Sign in to your Microsoft account on an Xbox or Windows 10 device. Sign in to the Microsoft Store on your Windows 10 PC. Go to, select Don't see your device?, then follow the instructions.

Affordable and safe devices with free training. Starting at just $219, Windows 10 devices are the safest and best devices for remote and hybrid learning and come with free professional development with purchase of 15-300 eligible Windows 10 devices for your school. 1.