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Lists the identity and status of writers, and displays metadata such as component details and excluded files. This is the default parameter. detailed: Lists the same information as metadata, but detailed includes the full file list for all components. status: Lists only the identity and status of registered writers.

Writers maintain their state in an XML-based metadata object, the Writer Metadata Document. This writer metadata is the only data structure that contains the file set—path, file specification, and recursion flag—of the data to be backed up and restored.

Writers can explicitly do the following: Allow all processes access to call into the writer process. This option may be adequate for many writers, and is used by other COM servers—for example, all SVCHOST-based Windows services are already using this option, as are all COM+ Services by default.

In-Box VSS Writers. 05/31/2018; 15 minutes to read; In this article. The Windows operating system includes a set of VSS writers that are responsible for enumerating the data that is required by various Windows features.

Based on the book The Freedom Writers Diary and supported by a cast of first-time actors who drew from their actual experiences on the street, Gruwell teaches us all an important lesson about tolerance and trust.