Game bar is a tool that lets you take control of all your gaming activities, such as music and chat, in one place. But did you know that you could do more than just gaming? Videos are everywhere. We watch them for instruction and entertainment. With Windows 10, it has become super easy to take screenshots of your screen using the Snip & Sketch tool. But what if you want to record live video action? Game bar can do that too.

Game bar can capture a game you’re playing online, but you don’t have to use the tool in conjunction with game play: you can use it to record any program on your computer.

Imagine you’re watching an instructional video on the Windows Community website. Instead of sending the entire video, you want to send a 45-second clip of the speaker explaining a “how-to” of a technology topic you and a friend were just discussing. Game bar is a great way to keep the conversation going.

How to record with Game bar

Game bar can record any program you have on your device. Get started by opening the program you’d like to record, then press Windows Key + G to see the Game bar menu.

Game bar home

Click the drop-down menu to view the Overlays options.

Game bar overlays

You have seven different options.

Let’s walk through all seven displayed from left to right:

1. Camera

Imagine you’re playing Roblox and you want to show off your new high score.

Game bar capture

Press the camera button, and a screenshot of your score will automatically be saved.

Game bar camera

By default, any clips recorded using Game bar are saved into the Videos subfolder, Captures, but you can opt for a different location by typing Windows Settings into search and choosing Gaming.

Game bar settings

Select Captures. Here you can choose an alternative location for saving Captures, and you can also set your background and audio recording options.

Game bar alternate capture location

2. Record last 30

When background recording is turned on, this button turns the most recent few moments (last 30 seconds) of gameplay into a game clip.

Game bar record last 30

3. Start recording

This button starts and stops a recording.

Game bar recording

A timer will show the length of the clip. You can use this just like the big red record button on your camera or phone: press it to start and stop whatever clip you want to capture. Once you Start recording, a small floating bar will appear in the top right of your screen (but don’t worry, it won’t be visible in your recording).

Game bar start recording

Press the square button in the middle of the floating bar to stop recording. A notification will pop up confirming that the recording was saved and displayed where it’s saved.

Game bar notification

4. Turn microphone on/off while recording

This button allows you to mute and unmute your microphone while creating a clip.

Game bar microphone

If at any time you accidentally close out the recording widget just go to the home drop-down menu (next to the time) and click on the Broadcast & capture overlay to make it reappear. You can do this for any overlay that you want to add or remove from your gaming display.

Game bar overlays

5. Start broadcasting

This button starts a live broadcast on mixer, a live streaming video platform. Got a super cool idea you want input on, or maybe just want to interact with others while you’re working? Try streaming to mixer and get the conversation started.

Game bar broadcasting

Sign into mixer, then Xbox.

Game bar mixer

You can also click Xbox Social to sign into Xbox.

Game bar Xbox social

Launch a game or open the video you wish to share, give your broadcast a Stream title, and then select Start broadcast.

Game bar start broadcast

6. Audio options

Your audio options are displayed as a slider and can be used to control any video programs currently open.

Game bar audio options

Maybe you want your favorite track on Spotify to be background for the tutorial you’re recording. With the audio sliders, you’ve got the power right at your fingertips.

7. Performance

Performance lets you know your device’s game usage and stats in real time.

Game bar performance

With Game bar, you can capture and share more of your favorite scenes, whether you’re starring in them or not. It’s just one more Windows tool you can lean on when it comes to creating, connecting, and communicating.