Do you know which apps are safe or not? With so many choices available, it can be hard to tell if your apps are coming from a trusted source. Many software companies make their apps available to download on their websites, and this presents a prime opportunity for cybercriminals to entice people to download software that appears to be trusted but is actually malware.

In Microsoft Store, you can find many of your favorite apps, discover new ones, and manage them all in one location. Most importantly, Microsoft verifies that apps in the store are safe and adhere to privacy, content, and security standards. By downloading apps from Microsoft Store, you can be certain that your apps are free of viruses and malware.

Want to make it even easier to stay safe? For safety, security, and performance try Windows 10 in S mode, which runs only Microsoft-verified apps, and offers phishing and malware protection. Need to install an app from the web? Windows 10 in S mode helps you find the apps you want by guiding you to Microsoft-verified versions in Microsoft Store. You can also switch out of Windows 10 in S mode and install apps that aren’t offered in Microsoft Store. Once you do, however, you won't be able to go back to Windows 10 in S mode. 

Gone are the days of confusing install wizards with multiple steps and add-ons. With Microsoft Store, you can search for apps using the search bar or looking at suggested apps on the homepage. Say for instance you want to check out an app you heard about called Office Lens.

There are two ways to search for and install apps:

Type Office Lens in Windows search, and then select the app.

Microsoft Store app search

From here, you can read the app description and requirements to download. If you decide to choose Office Lens, select Get to install the app on your device immediately. To install later, select Add to cart.

Microsoft Store get app

Or you can select the Microsoft Store icon on the taskbar and search for Office Lens .

Microsoft Store home page

Select Get to install the app on your device immediately. Once installed, select Launch to open the app. To install later, select Add to cart.

Microsoft Store search and launch

Open installed apps

After the app is installed, open it by selecting the Start menu, and then Office Lens.

Microsoft Store open app

Note: You may be asked to Get updates before you can open an app for the first time. These updates are offered by the app manufacturer, and they're specific to the app. They help make sure the app works properly on your device, and they're different from the regular Windows 10 monthly updates.

Microsoft Store app updates

Managing apps across devices

When you sign in with your Microsoft account, your apps will be available on all your Windows 10 devices. Just download the apps once, and you can then access them on any Windows 10 device.

Microsoft Store app sign in

Some games and apps save settings so you can pick up where you left off with real-time progress on another device when signed in with a Microsoft account.

Microsoft Store sign in Microsoft account

Update and troubleshoot apps

Most apps need to update often to add new features and remain secure. With Microsoft Store apps, there’s no need to have additional software on your device dedicated to updating. All apps are automatically updated when connected to the internet.

Curious about when your app was last updated or want to know the version number or what’s new? From Microsoft Store homepage, select Apps, and then the Downloads and updates button, located on the upper right corner of your screen. Here, you’ll see a list of all apps installed on your device and the version number. You can also select Get Updates for immediate updates.

Microsoft Store app get updates

Select each app for more information and the newest features.

Microsoft Store app version

There are times when an app doesn’t open correctly or not at all. Troubleshooting is made simple with tools to help you reset or repair apps.

Select the Start menu, and then Settings.

Microsoft Store app settings

Select Apps.

Microsoft Store settings

Select the app you wish to troubleshoot, and then Advanced options under the app name.

Microsoft Store settings advanced options

From the advanced options, you have several options to troubleshoot. This can vary depending on the app so you may have any combination of Terminate, Reset, and Uninstall. Terminating your app stops it and all associated processes. This can be helpful if your app has stopped working or is frozen. If you choose to Reset your app, it will reinstall and default to its original settings. This will restore the app’s functionality. Uninstall your app to remove it and all functionality. Performing any one of these three options can help you resolve your app issues.

Microsoft Store app troubleshooting

Remove apps

Decided that the app you downloaded isn’t what you wanted, or you’ve changed your mind? Removing apps from your device is easy.

To remove an app, select the Start menu. Select the app you’d like to remove, right-click, and select Uninstall.

Microsoft Store uninstall app

You’ll see a notice that all related app info will be uninstalled. Once selected, the app is removed from all devices that are signed in with a Microsoft account.

Microsoft Store uninstall notice

Note: If you previously purchased an app, and later decide to reinstall it, you won’t have to purchase the app again since it’s associated with your Microsoft account.

Downloading and managing your apps from Microsoft store is easy and convenient. You can rest easy knowing that any app you choose is free of malware or destructive viruses. If there’s ever an issue with your app, you can use any number of troubleshooting tools to keep you enjoying your app or game long into the future.