I use the Microsoft Store to find and download my favorite apps. The apps I have downloaded on my PC let me see stock market data, the weather, the news and sports information quickly without having to search the web. And every app and game is scanned for malware before they add it to the Store. The Microsoft Store is just another reason why I love Windows 10.

How to get to the Microsoft Store?

There are several ways to get to the Microsoft Store on Windows 10. On a new Windows 10 PC the Microsoft Store, by default, is pinned to your taskbar. If the Microsoft Store icon is not pinned to your taskbar you can use Windows Search to find it. In the search bar, simply type Store. Windows will start searching automatically, so there is no need to press Enter.

Screenshot of Windows Search field

You also can find the Microsoft Store by selecting the Start button, scroll down the app list and then select Store. The Start menu is in alphabetical order.

Screenshot of Windows Start menu

Do you need Microsoft account?

The Microsoft Store does not require a Microsoft account to browse apps and games verified by Microsoft. However, if you want to get anything like an app, movie, book or game even if it is a free stuff, you need to sign in with your Microsoft account. If you have multiple devices and they are all signed in with the same Microsoft account then your apps, movies, books, and games will sync across all your devices.

Looking for an app?

The Microsoft Store has specific categories that you can browse. The categories are Apps, Games, Movies & TV, Books, and Microsoft. Looking for something specific? Use Search within the Microsoft Store. The Search bar is located in the top right hand corner of the Microsoft Store.

Screenshot of Microsoft Store app Home page

Checking for app updates?

The apps and games you downloaded may not update automatically, but have no fear. You can push updates yourself. To find out if your apps have updates available to install, launch the Microsoft Store (follow the steps at the beginning of this article). In the top right hand corner of the Microsoft Store by the Search bar, you will see your Microsoft account image and an ellipsis(…). Select the ellipsis, then you will see an option that says, Downloads and updates, select it. Then select Get updates.

Microsoft Store app

Screenshot of Downloads and updates tab

Managing app downloads

Once an app or game is downloaded, it will appear in your Start menu. From the Start menu you can pin apps and games to your taskbar or to Start. You can also customize your Start by moving your Apps and Games, resizing them, or both. (See “How to Personalize your Windows 10” article)