The Windows 10 People app allows you to forge better connections with your primary contacts by keeping you in the loop about important dates, upcoming commitments, and recent conversations. When you’re juggling work, family, and friends, it can be tough to keep up with the important dates connected to the people that matter to you most. Your mom, that special colleague, and the neighbor who brings in your mail when you’re on vacation. The Windows 10 People app makes it easy to stay connected with contacts from different areas of your life by combining everything you know about them in one view. Think of it like a digital, interactive address book: You can send mail, keep track of special events like birthdays and work anniversaries and access recent conversations with them—all from a single app.

Get started

Type “People” in the Windows Search box and open the app. When the welcome window appears, click Get started. This will only appear if this is your first time setting up People app.

 Screenshot of People app welcome page
Let the People app access your calendar and email (you can always opt to change this function later in Settings).

Screenshot of add contacts in People app

If email isn’t already enabled on your device, you’ll be prompted to import your contacts to make them available throughout Windows.

Choose which account(s) you want to add then follow the login instructions. Don’t worry if you don’t include all your accounts the first time you set up the People app. You can add or delete accounts at any time.

Screenshot of import contacts page

Click Ready to go. The People app icon should appear at the far right of right of your taskbar (if the People app icon isn’t visible, right-click on the taskbar and select Show People on the taskbar).

Screenshot of People app icon

From here you’ll be able to access your contacts across your different Windows devices.

Find contacts

Click on the People app icon to see a list of your suggested contacts. Don’t see who you’re looking for? No problem. You can find them easily by clicking on Find and pin contacts.

Screenshot of Find and pin contacts on the People app

You’ll be presented with both a search box as well as an alphabetical listing of your contacts that you can scroll through. When you find the person you’re looking for, click on their name then People (upper left-hand corner next to App) to see their pertinent information (like email address and phone number), shared events, and recent conversations you two have shared.

Adding a new contact

Make a new friend or meet a new colleague? Create a new contact by clicking on the People app icon, then click on the three dots at the bottom of the box that opens (opposite Find and pin contacts). Select New contact at the top of the drop-down list and populate the form with their pertinent information, including selecting which of your accounts they should be connected to. Make sure to save your work before you close the window.

Screenshot of New Microsoft account contact page


Clicking on a contact will automatically pin them to your taskbar. You can turn off the function or adjust the number of pinned contacts in Settings.

Maybe there’s a couple of people in your contacts that you want to stay in close touch with. Keep them pinned to the taskbar for easy one-click instant access. They’ll be close at hand the next time you want to connect.

If not, you can unpin them at any time by right-clicking on their image and selecting Unpin from taskbar.

Duplicate contacts

You may see a contact pop up in your list of contacts more than one time. If you do, click on any one of them. You’ll see an option to combine them into a single entity.

Screenshot of Duplicate contacts page


To edit any information, open the contact, click on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner, and select Edit contact.

Once the edit window opens you can add a photo, a second address, and new phone numbers. Click on Other to add details like their significant other’s name. It could come in handy during that upcoming party.

Screenshot of editing tool on People app


The People app makes it easy to communicate with your contacts via email. As long as you’ve allowed People app to access your email click the People app icon and select who you want to contact. Then, click on the Mail icon.

Screenshot of Mail icon in People app

From there, you’ll be able to look at past conversations or start a new thread by clicking the plus sign at the bottom of the contact window. If you want to email a pinned contact, click on their profile in the taskbar, then the Mail icon, then the plus sign at the bottom of the contact window.

Apps tab

When you open a contact, you’ll see two tabs: People and Apps.

Clicking on the Apps tab will show you which apps you and your contacts have in common.

For example, if I have Mail and a selected contact of mine also has Mail, I’ll see Mail appear as an app. I can choose to communicate with this contact via Mail or any other of the apps that we have in common. We could all use a little more time with those closest to us.

We hope you’ll use the People app to stay in touch, celebrate milestones, and forge stronger connections with the people in your life.