Whether you’ve got a brand-new device or need to reinstall Windows 10, this article will help you get your device up and running. I’ll show you how to pick a secondary language keyboard layout, select account and privacy preferences, sync your files across devices, and use Cortana to help you with everyday tasks, with the new 10 May 2019 Windows Update.

When you begin setting up your device, you’ll find an Ease of Access icon which allows you to bring up the narrator, an audio assistant that reads information to you. You can also magnify parts of your screen or the entire screen if you need visual assistance .This is where you can start setting your preferences. If you ever change your mind about a setting or preference, don’t worry, you can always change them later.

Select your region

The first thing to set is your region. This sets your time and date automatically so features such as time zones or day and night cycles for night light can work effectively.

Out of box your region

Choose your language keyboard

The next screen is the default and secondary keyboard layouts . Here is where you specify what language you want as your keyboard . You can change this at any time.

Out of box choose language keyboard

The secondary keyboard layout might look different on your screen, and not match the physical keyboard you’re typing on, letters and numbers might not match up. For instance, if you choose Spanish keyboard settings, be aware that using a US keyboard layout will type the letter that appears on the screen and might not match the letter on the keyboard itself.

Out of box second keyboard layout

After you set up your device, you can change your keyboard language at any time by selecting the language icon on your taskbar or by using the keyboard shortcut Alt + Shift.


Select your setup preference

If you are setting up Windows 10 Pro edition, you will see a screen that lets you choose whether you are setting up for personal or work use. If you are setting up a work device, it’s best to work with your IT team to ensure you can correctly connect it to your company’s services.

Out of box set your device

If you plan to use your Windows 10 Home or Pro device for personal use, you’ll need to sign in to your Microsoft account, which allows you to sync files and apps across devices.

Sign in with your account

If you’ve used Microsoft services like Xbox, Skype, Microsoft Office, or OneDrive, you may already have a Microsoft account. You can sign in here, or create a new account using any email address.

Out of box sign in with Microsoft account

Activity history allows you to start a task on one device and finish on another. Say, for instance, you opened an Excel spreadsheet on one device, but couldn’t finish it at that time. Simply open Timeline  on any device to see the spreadsheet and continue working. When you send Microsoft your activity history, which includes the websites you visit and the apps you use, Timeline shows all the activity on your devices and allows you to resume that activity from where you left off on a different device.

Out of box device activity history

Cortana is your device’s personal assistant, and it can help answer questions, set reminders, and find other information to help plan your day better. To use Cortana, you’ll need to give permission to access relevant data. If you choose to deny access, this will prevent Cortana from performing tasks.

Out of box Cortana digital assistant

There is no worst feeling than a hacker getting ahold to your personal information. This can wreak havoc on your life. That’s why Microsoft makes it easy to control who gets access to this information. On the privacy settings page, you can control what information you share with Microsoft.

For each setting, you can learn what information is being requested and what it’s used for.. When you set a toggle, it’ll inform you what that means for the data, but also how it’ll affect what services that data uses. Keep in mind that your privacy settings will affect how well various apps and services might work. For example, if you limit location-based data, your maps and weather may not work as well.

Out of box privacy settings

Once you’ve done this final step, the set up process is complete! You just have to wait a bit while the device sets up a few things, and soon you’ll be greeted by the desktop. You’ll then be ready to enjoy your device.

Now that you’re enjoying your device try personalizing it even more. You can also download some new apps or games from the Microsoft Store to take full advantage of your device.