It has never been quicker and easier default applications in Windows. With Windows 10, you are able to set your favorite applications as the default for playing music, browsing the web and so much more!

What is a Default app?

A default app is an application that is already installed on Windows 10 and is set as the primary app you use when performing a specific task. For example, Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 is the default application for browsing the web. The photos app is another application that comes preinstalled on Windows 10 and is set as the default to view photos stored on your device. You can change your default applications anytime you want. Just follow the steps below.

How to set Default apps in Windows 10

On the Start menu, select Settings . This will bring you Windows Settings menu where you will select the Apps icon.

Screenshot of Windows settings

After selecting Apps, you will arrive at the Apps & features menu. Once in the Apps & features menu, on the left side, you will see the option for Default apps, select it.

Screenshot of Default apps settings

The Default apps list shows Maps, Music player, Photo viewer, Video player, and Web browser. If you want to change the default application all you need to do is select the app in the category you’re interested in. For example, if you want to change the default Photo viewer from Photos to Paint 3D, just select the current application under Photo viewer. A list will appear showing installed apps that are capable of being the default for viewing photos.

Paint and Paint 3D icons

More Default app options

If you would like to see more Default app options, you can select the Set defaults by app option.

Set defaults by app setting

After selecting Set defaults by app, it will open in another window. In this new window it will show you all the applications installed on your PC. If you would like Word to be your default app for opening documents, select Set this program as default, then click Ok.

Screenshot of Set this program as default option in Settings

How to return to the Microsoft recommended default apps

Want to set your apps back to what they were when you first setup your device? No worries. This is easy! All you have to do is return to the Default apps settings page and select the Reset option.

Screenshot of Reset to the Microsoft recommended settings