Hi, I am Uzair Aftab, a Program Manager in the Windows Feedback Hub team, part of the Windows and Devices Group (WDG) at Microsoft. Here is the story of my team which is responsible for listening to your feedback and making sure your thoughts and ideas get heard by Windows Makers to help us make a better Windows.

What is the feature you are working on?

My team's mission is to bring engineers across Windows closer to our customers by helping them better understand customer suggestions and problems. To do this, we created Windows Feedback Hub which lets you, a Windows customer, share your experiences with our engineering teams (Windows makers). Behind the scenes, we work to ensure your comments reach the appropriate people who can act on your feedback. All of this plays an important role in creating a better Windows.

What benefits do Windows customers get for using the Feedback Hub?

There are a few main reasons why you would want to use Feedback Hub:

  • Influence Microsoft and help set the direction of Windows! Windows is used by millions of customers and customer feedback can help shape what gets delivered next. You have the power to help us build the best Windows ever.
  • Bring awareness to the issues and suggestions that you care about the most, by upvoting the ideas provided by others. Don’t worry, others can do the same with your feedback as well!
  • Hear back directly from Windows Makers on the feedback you provided.

Tell us more about your team

We are a group of about 32 people working on the Windows Feedback team. This includes developers, program managers, and a designer. Everyone on our team comes from varying backgrounds, interests, and experiences. Our team is made up of people from all over the world including places like Pakistan, India, China, Canada, France, United States and other countries. Everyone on this diverse team brings their own unique personality and thinking. This helps us collectively deliver the best feedback tool for Windows.

Windows Feedback Hub team sitting outdoors on a staircase

How was Windows Feedback Hub born?

Our team was born with the desire to make Windows 10 the most customer-focused version of Windows ever. Early on, we realized we needed an agile and community based way of capturing what our customers were saying. Our new ability to regularly release updates and features to customers allowed us to release the first version of Windows Feedback app in October, 2014. The first Windows Feedback app version looked like this:

1st version of the Feedback app

Thousands of pieces of feedback came through and our team was "super-excited" to see customers take advantage of the opportunity. Since then, we have built more tools to help users submit feedback and engineers track the feedback.

This is how our app (current version) looks like roughly two and half years after our first launch:

Screenshot of Feedback Hub's Welcome page

How do you handle all the incoming feedback?

Within a few minutes of new feedback being submitted, it becomes available for engineers and teams across Microsoft to see. We have built tools to assist engineers in reviewing and acting on all the feedback coming in from customers. The engineers then track current or future work based on details of the feedback. As part of going through customer feedback, we look closely at the feedback with high upvote counts.

To give you an idea, one such view that engineers at Microsoft can use to look at incoming feedback is our feedback response report. They can see what feedback has been submitted related to their area, filter by most upvotes or what is trending currently, and consequently better understand the customer feedback they are getting:

Screenshot of All Feedback in the Feedback Hub

As engineers investigate feedback and make changes based on it, they can also communicate back to customers. This shows up in Feedback Hub under Feedback Comments line.

Screenshot of feedback requesting dark theme for Feedback Hub

For example, enabling a dark theme for Feedback Hub was one of our top feedback items. Customers who provided the feedback can see that we updated the app based on their feedback:

Microsoft Response to Add a dark theme for the Feedback Hub

How do Windows customers use Feedback Hub?

When you open the Feedback Hub app (Windows key + F), you can search for feedback in the search bar or click on “Feedback”. This will take you to the Feedback search page:

Screenshot of All Feedback view

From this search page, you can look for feedback like yours and upvote it. Upvoting helps Windows teams prioritize the feedback and concentrate on the most important issues from our customers. However, if there isn’t feedback comparable to yours, then go ahead and create a new feedback item by clicking on “Add new feedback”. You can even attach some screenshots or recreate a problem to help us see what you are experiencing. The key to helping Windows makers take action on your issue is to ensure that your feedback is descriptive, unique, and has all the right diagnostics.

Screenshot showing how to add new feedback

To do so ensure that you follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Feedback Hub
    • On Desktop, you can launch the app from Start or using the keyboard shortcut Windows + F
    • On Phone, you can launch the app from Start or using the hardware shortcut VOL DOWN + POWER
  2. Search before filing and upvote items.
    • Each upvote can send additional logs without filing a duplicate issue
    • Comment to provide additional details on an issue in the Feedback Hub
    • Attach files, screenshots, or additional logs from Feedback Hub
  3. Add new feedback if you can't find an existing issue.
    • One issue per feedback item! This helps us route feedback to the right engineers
    • File Feedback as a Problem in the app
    • Use a concise yet descriptive title, but don’t add build numbers or device names because it will be added automatically to your submission
    • Use the description field to provide steps on how to reproduce the problem and other additional details

You can learn more about how to send feedback to Microsoft using Feedback Hub here. You can also watch the “How to use Feedback Hub” video at the Windows Community YouTube channel.

In addition, sometimes you might get survey questions about your experience with Windows:

Screenshot of Feedback Hub asking if you'd recommend Windows 10 to friend or colleague

Screeshot of Feedback Hub Windows 10 survey

You can let us know what you think by filling out the very short survey.

What is one sentence your team wants to say to Windows users?

First and foremost: THANK YOU! Thank you for using Windows! Help us make Windows even better by letting us know what you think about Windows and by providing your feedback and suggestions through the Feedback Hub app.