In today's digital age, your personal devices like PCs and phones can stream almost any entertainment content you enjoy--from movies, TV shows, and sports events. If you mostly watch on your PC, the Movies and TV app, which comes preinstalled on your Windows 10 PC, can help you rent and buy movies and TV shows, watch trailers for popular movies, and take advantage of special offers on collections of titles. 

How to find the Movies and TV app 

The Movies & TV app is pre-installed on Windows 10 devices. Just enter “Movie” in the search box on your taskbar and open Movies & TV app.

Search Movies & TV app

Once inside the app, the Explore tab will populate. 

Explore movies and TV show

Here, you can discover all the new movies and TV shows that are available.

New movies and TV shows

Special offers

The Movies and TV app offers weekly specials including collections of movies sold in bundles. Whether you’re looking to own bonus content for the movies you’re buying or you want the complete Jurassick World 5 movie collection (and who wouldn’t?), this is where you’ll find special pricing on popular titles and sets.

Weekly movies & TV specials

Completing the transaction 

Once you have selected a movie or show, it’s time to decide if you’d rather buy or rent, to select between standard, high, and ultra-high definition, and to verify that your computer meets the minimum system requirements necessary to stream the content.

Buy or rent movies

After you purchase your entertainment, it will appear in the Purchased tab of The Movies and TV app. 


Now you’re ready to kick back and enjoy your entertainment. Happy watching! The entertainment offerings in the Movies and TV store update often, so you may want to check back from time to time for specials and savings on must-watch titles.