Draw and doodle your photos with pen & ink

August 2, 2018

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Decorate, personalize, and enhance your photos with pen and Windows Ink. Windows engineer Varun Karandikar shows how to turn a photo into a custom message card using Photos app.

Turn your handwriting into custom font 🖋 https://community.windows.com/en-us/videos/create-a-custom-font-with-your-handwriting/YRR4qd4HCw8

Doodle, draw, and take notes on web pages in Edge ➰ https://community.windows.com/en-us/stories/Write-on-the-web-with-Microsoft-Edge

Windows Ink puts power to digital pen 🖊 https://community.windows.com/en-us/videos/windows-ink-puts-power-to-digital-pen/YkPBA-EtaTg