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Windows Feedback Hub: We're listening

July 10, 2017

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The Feedback Hub team is obsessed with what you think about Windows, good or bad. They gather Windows users' feedback through the Feedback Hub, then measure and analyze it, and turn it into Windows improvements.

To make sure your thoughts go directly to the Windows team in charge of the app or feature you're giving feedback on, make sure to choose an appropriate category and subcategory for it. And providing a detailed descriptions and screenshots can help engineers better understand the issue or suggestion.

We consider all feedback, but it helps when a hot button issue is trending, which is why you can upvote them in the Feedback Hub app. To upvote certain feedback or suggestion, click All feedback, find the issue or idea you'd like to upvote, and submit your vote. You may also leave comments and provide additional details like screenshots, screen recording, and file attachments.

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