You want me to create another account?

This is not just another account. A Microsoft account (or MSA) gives you easy access to all things digital. It allows you to get things done, have more fun, and stay in touch. Look no further, a world of new possibilities will be unlocked and help you get the most from technology.

What is a Microsoft account?

A Microsoft account is a way to sign-in to services provided by Microsoft through one username (email) and password. Empowering your use of technology is a critical component of the account. Much like you have an email address or social media account, a Microsoft account works in a similar way.

You can communicate with others using and Skype, store pictures on OneDrive, and play games with friends on Xbox Live. You might be wondering; how do I sign up, how much information do I need to provide, and where can I use it? We’ll cover all of that in this article.

Where do I sign in?

If you don’t have an account, creating one is easy! Go to the Microsoft account website, choose Sign in with Microsoft, and select Create one! From here, you can use your current email address, create a new email address, or use your phone number as an account name. Then, you’ll need to create a password.

If you need tips about password creation, you can view our Password Guidance document. Once you create your password, you’ll be in your account and ready to go.

Screenshot of a Sign in page

Instead of creating a new account, you may already have a Microsoft account and not realize it. You may have created one unknowingly when you wrote a document in Office or chatted on Skype.

If you try creating a new account and it says it already exists, try logging in from the Sign in page. You may be surprised, it may just login. Or you may find that your email is associated with an existing Microsoft account but you can't login because you don't remember your password. Just click the blue link "Forgot my password" on the Enter Password screen and you will be given more instructions on changing your password.

It’s highly recommended to finish setting up the account by adding your personal information. This will help with password recovery and identity verification when accessing the account. It’s very important to fill out any information accurately. You may run into issues down the road if you add the wrong information.

At a later date, if you try to reset your password, your phone number or alternate email may be required. If the incorrect information was entered, it can be very difficult to get back into your account. Fill in as much info as you feel comfortable adding by going to the Your info and Security tab. Remember, the more you add, the more useful your Microsoft account will be.

Where can I use it?

Logos of Microsoft products and services available with your MSA

The magic of a Microsoft account is where it can be used. Most people think that it’s available strictly on Microsoft products. This isn’t the case. Many of the Microsoft’s products and services work best when connected to your Microsoft account, but what about your phone or tablet? You can use your account to unlock the potential of non-Microsoft products and do things you never thought possible.

Imagine if you could ask Cortana on your Surface, running Windows 10, to remind you to pick up milk from the grocery store on your way home from work. You can easily download the Cortana app on any phone, sign in with your Microsoft account, and instantly have access to the reminder setup from your Surface. This is only one example of how you can do new things with your current technology, just by using a Microsoft account.

A wide range of apps and services across multiple devices are available to use with a Microsoft account. From Windows to Office and apps on your mobile devices, you can unlock a world of possibilities. The best way to find what you can do, go explore.

Search “Microsoft” in your app store and see what comes up. Go to and discover what we offer. Music, pictures, movies, apps, games, and more!!! Why piece together multiple services from a bunch of companies to get through your daily life? Just create a Microsoft account to make your life fun and easy!